Friday, November 25

Happy Thanksgiving from Atlanta!

The suspense was building around 11 am yesterday morning.  Could a Father/Daughter-in-law combo really pull of Thanksgiving together??

Ta-da!  We present to you the turkey, stuffing, gravy, sweet potato casserole, cranberry sauce, fresh salad, green been bundles, and homemade rolls.  YUM!                            

Bella loved eating the turkey on her mat.  Well actually, she really loved the sugar-infused sweet potatoes.

And later, she loved feeding the swan in Poppi's pond... despite suffering from a food coma (hence the 5 mile stare).

 Bella loves Poppi.

And Bella loves Gigi.

 And Gigi really loves Bella.  Well, we all kind of feel that way about Bella.

Well, except for maybe Joey.  Just kidding!
Uncle Joey is awesome with this girl.

I hope everyone had a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving! We sure were not lacking in things to be thankful for.  God has surely given in abundance!

Now back to DC and on to some Christmas decorating...  

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