Friday, November 11

Our God is Faithful... & Full of Surprises

Last year, at the beginning of this past week...
... this happened.

And then four days later...
 ... this happened.

Two sisters, having two baby girls, and all within one week!  You obviously can't plan these things.  But God can.  And boy, did He have some fun with our family this past year.

It all started with the surprise at Easter that we were both expecting.  One sister had been wanting a baby for a while, while the other wasn't quite thinking about a baby yet.  God knew this all along and planned it just so.

Then finding out we were both having girls was like icing on the cake.  After all, it's what Davises do best.

Trying to predict actual due dates was a joke.  And Amy trying to conceal the name of her future child was also a joke. (he he he!)

Sending my mom and youngest sister on crazy rescue missions back and forth between DC and Houston for the month of November was a bit chaotic... but totally necessary and appreciated! 

Add all this up, and what do you get?  Welcoming two little girls in to the world just four days apart was completely unbelievable!

Right now, I'm remembering how these two little bundles of joy brought such hope to events like our BDaddy's funeral.  And I remember how they stole the show at our family beach vacation this summer.  Without even knowing it, they have given our family so much in just their first year of life.

And so, hooray for a wonderful week in our family history!  And praise God for His sovereign plan and these healthy and happy little girls.  And, although this is one day late...

Happy Birthday to our sweet Kate Eliana!

Oh Kate, what would Bella do without you??
 Okay, I admit, your first time together was a little tense.

Just kidding!  You were quickly playing dress up within minutes.

See?  Friends!
Okay, okay.  We're kind of forcing it on you two.  But you'll get the hang of it!

You both definitely love the camera. It's a Davis family thing.

And you're best beach buds.

Just chillin' together.

And even swimming, too!

And here's my weak attempt to make it look like you two enjoy pumpkin patches together.

Okay, okay.  It looks like we're overdue for some cousin play dates.  Kate, Bella can't wait to see you at Christmas!  Happy Birthday!  We love you!

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