Tuesday, November 8

A Bella Bug Birthday Party

For all our dear family who missed out on the party Saturday- as well as for those who just want to relive the wonder of it all- I give you a "Bella Bug" Birthday Party!
Aunt MeShell made this amazing Ladybug Birthday cake.  Lots of love went in to this, and we had a blast making it together!  
And just for Bella, a special cake for the official cake smash.  This bug doesn't know what he's got coming to him.
 The five star menu for this party consisted of Bug BBQ Sandwiches, Babybel Bugs, Butterfly Pasta, Caterpillar Grapes, and Beetle Juice.

I must say the Babybel Bugs were my personal favorite.

Here's Bella taking it all in before the fun begins.  I'd say she's pretty excited.
Our surrogate DC aunts and uncles!  What would we do without these guys?!

Do you think Bella's having fun?  She seriously loved the WHOLE party... not one fuss the entire time!  Can you say social butterfly?

Prepping for the cake smash.  Bella takes a march around the table with Aunt MeShell to warm up.

Let the smashing commence!  Bella was pretty serious about her strategy on this cake.  She poked around carefully before she really dug in.  You know Bella, I can relate.  I'm serious about my chocolate, too.

"Hey Daddy, why don't you take a picture with me?  I've got a little something special for you."

"Yep!  Just wanted to make sure you felt included there, Dad.  Now back to this cake..."

Oh Bella Bug, what fun we had with you on Saturday!  It's too much fun to celebrate the one and only ever YOU!

Oh and in case you were wondering...

While Bella's favorite part was definitely the cake, I think a close second goes to the balloons.  The fun and laughs lasted well in to the night with those things:
A sight to behold, indeed!


  1. Wow, that cake is amazing. I can't believe you and your sister made it! Looks like a great first birthday party!

  2. She is already one??!! What a precious baby and festive birthday party!