Friday, July 22

Pink Eye Plague & Friday Dance Moves

Hello out there.  It's Friday, and it feels like 115 degrees outside.  Oh, and we have the worst air quality in the country today.  Neat-o.  Sounds like it's time to sit in the A/C and catch up on the ol' blogosphere.

So, we got back from our second vacation in the Virginia mountains earlier this week.  Good times, but no pictures.  Sorry.  We decided if we couldn't surpass the recent beach shots, then we weren't even going to try with the mountains.  Plus, sometimes you just need a vacation from your camera.

Anyways, while Bella gets the gold star for best behaved baby while on vacation, she did return home congested and coughing.  And on Thursday, the pink eye plague ventured into our home.  Ahhhh!  It's been a while since I last experienced it, but that gunky, crusty, goo grossness is hard to miss.  Mike wanted me to post a picture of her eyes, but I thought it best not to.  I suspect that only parents handle their own baby's gunk well... or think it's even remotely cute for that matter.  If you must know, then she looks a little something like this...

... but with gunky goo grossness instead of sand in her eyes.

So let's change topics, shall we?

How about we keep talking about our recent beach vacation?  Yes, that's a much better topic!  Now, I could tell you a memory in story or song.  But how about I tell you in dance?

Okay, so when we weren't on the beach, we engaged in some Wii fun.  Mike and I don't have a Wii at home, so I was a little addicted.  You will probably be able to tell by the way I completely neglect my crying child in this video and sic Nana to the rescue.

As Nana says, it's unfortunate what is happening to my rear in this video.  Thanks, hubby.

A helpful viewing tidbit: If you want to laugh, you will watch the first half of this video.  If you want to fall out of your chair laughing, then you will watch the whole video.


Thursday, July 14

The Professional Photos I Was Telling You About

Thank you, Julie!  You are the best!  She captured our family perfectly over this past weekend!  She claims that photography is just her hobby, but I think she's an undercover professional.

Ready?  Here are some of my favorites!
All smiles!

I like to think she's smiling because she loves our kisses, but she just swallowed a handful of sand.  That's happiness in a handful.

I'm about to eat her up...

...but Daddy to the rescue!

Speechless.  I can't handle this one.  I already have visions of this one going in her rehearsal dinner slideshow someday.  It's true, I think like that.

Hubbies!  They're so strong.

Our family in its most natural state.

Even more natural.  Work it.

The original Davis clan.

Watch out for the waves!  We've got you!

Our little family...

... but here's my first love.

See?  I love him more than ever.

Thanks again, Julie.  We treasure these pictures!

Wednesday, July 13

Davis Family Vacation & Sand Eating Contests

We're back!  And we returned with some great memories...
...happy faces...

...and one stomach full of sand (I promised you pictures of ruffled bathing suits and sand in the mouth, and boy, can I deliver on this one!).

The original Davises, plus a Bella and a few hats.

"Sisters!  Sisters!  There were never such ridiculous sisters."  That one there in the middle is officially declared the "hostess with the mostest"!  Thanks for planning a great Panama City beach vacation for all our families, Michelle!

And here's those manly, good lookin' men we married.  They swim with sharks and tackle them with their bare hands.

They also break kayak paddles in two.

And here are our beautiful babes sportin' their shades.  Note that one child's swimsuit is on backwards.  I can hardly dress myself, much less a child.

More sand!  We waited for the grimace, but she loved eating sand by the handful.

Now this one and the sand... not so much.  But oh my, she's cute in that pink tutu!

The Martin Family!

There, that's much better.
Nana and Bella are best buds at the beach.

And this is what one day on the beach will do to ya.

Here's to a great family vacation!  There are more pictures and videos that I'll post in the coming days (including some professional shots that are knock your socks off good!).  

See you Davis ladies and your families next year!  Oh, where shall we go next time!?

Friday, July 8

Bella's Buddy & The Indoor Picnic

Bella is co-starring with Baby Behr over at the Scribble Pad today.  For a how-to on indoor picnics with babies (or for more cute pics of Bella), go check it out!

Signing off for a few days as the Manninas head down to Florida for a Davis Family Vacation!  Sand and sun, here we come!

Tuesday, July 5

In Case You Missed the Fireworks Show in DC...

...don't worry, we've got you covered.

We'll let you join us on a DC rooftop for one of the best views of the fireworks, and as a bonus, you'll get to see Bella's reactions to her first fireworks show.

Oh, but there is just one more thing.  You see, before we headed up to the rooftop last night, we went to a church picnic.  And like all good church picnics there were lots of fun families, lots of amazing potluck dishes, and yes, even a good 'ol patriotic playin' band.  And yes, your's truly joined in for one of the numbers, and guess who caught it on film?  Mike wouldn't miss an opportunity to embarrass me.  And like a good wife, I won't rob him of it.

So yes, let the record show that first we went to a church picnic where Diane acted a fool.  And after you endure this special song and dance, you'll be rewarded with an amazing view of the DC fireworks show.  Promise.

Hope everyone had a great 4th!

Friday, July 1

Daddy Has to Work Late... Bella has a special message for you.

We love you!  Come home soon so we can start celebrating the Fourth of July!