Friday, July 8

Bella's Buddy & The Indoor Picnic

Bella is co-starring with Baby Behr over at the Scribble Pad today.  For a how-to on indoor picnics with babies (or for more cute pics of Bella), go check it out!

Signing off for a few days as the Manninas head down to Florida for a Davis Family Vacation!  Sand and sun, here we come!


  1. Love the picnic idea! You and Shannon are so clever. It was so great to see you and Bella last week. I'm so glad I ran into you and was able to say hi! :) Have fun in Florida! Hope it's a restful and enjoyable time with the fam.

  2. It was so fun! Can't wait until the next time...

  3. Hope you guys are having a wonderful vacation! Love being able to keep up with y'all through your blog, and can't wait to do it in person whenever we can. We find out if baby McGuire is a boy or girl in 3 weeks! I'm having to wait extra long because of SLP, but I guess that's important :)