Thursday, July 14

The Professional Photos I Was Telling You About

Thank you, Julie!  You are the best!  She captured our family perfectly over this past weekend!  She claims that photography is just her hobby, but I think she's an undercover professional.

Ready?  Here are some of my favorites!
All smiles!

I like to think she's smiling because she loves our kisses, but she just swallowed a handful of sand.  That's happiness in a handful.

I'm about to eat her up...

...but Daddy to the rescue!

Speechless.  I can't handle this one.  I already have visions of this one going in her rehearsal dinner slideshow someday.  It's true, I think like that.

Hubbies!  They're so strong.

Our family in its most natural state.

Even more natural.  Work it.

The original Davis clan.

Watch out for the waves!  We've got you!

Our little family...

... but here's my first love.

See?  I love him more than ever.

Thanks again, Julie.  We treasure these pictures!


  1. I loved these! I'd frame all of them.

  2. Amazing pictures, Diane! Love them all!