Friday, July 22

Pink Eye Plague & Friday Dance Moves

Hello out there.  It's Friday, and it feels like 115 degrees outside.  Oh, and we have the worst air quality in the country today.  Neat-o.  Sounds like it's time to sit in the A/C and catch up on the ol' blogosphere.

So, we got back from our second vacation in the Virginia mountains earlier this week.  Good times, but no pictures.  Sorry.  We decided if we couldn't surpass the recent beach shots, then we weren't even going to try with the mountains.  Plus, sometimes you just need a vacation from your camera.

Anyways, while Bella gets the gold star for best behaved baby while on vacation, she did return home congested and coughing.  And on Thursday, the pink eye plague ventured into our home.  Ahhhh!  It's been a while since I last experienced it, but that gunky, crusty, goo grossness is hard to miss.  Mike wanted me to post a picture of her eyes, but I thought it best not to.  I suspect that only parents handle their own baby's gunk well... or think it's even remotely cute for that matter.  If you must know, then she looks a little something like this...

... but with gunky goo grossness instead of sand in her eyes.

So let's change topics, shall we?

How about we keep talking about our recent beach vacation?  Yes, that's a much better topic!  Now, I could tell you a memory in story or song.  But how about I tell you in dance?

Okay, so when we weren't on the beach, we engaged in some Wii fun.  Mike and I don't have a Wii at home, so I was a little addicted.  You will probably be able to tell by the way I completely neglect my crying child in this video and sic Nana to the rescue.

As Nana says, it's unfortunate what is happening to my rear in this video.  Thanks, hubby.

A helpful viewing tidbit: If you want to laugh, you will watch the first half of this video.  If you want to fall out of your chair laughing, then you will watch the whole video.


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  1. Oh my word. I did. I really did. I needed that laughter. Thanks, Nana. Gosh, I love your mom. Afterall, she supports me in my "if you build it, he will come" endeavor.