Wednesday, August 3

Why, Hello There, August!

You surprised me.  It's already the 3rd.  Which means, we're 10 days away from someone's birthday around here.  No, not Bella's birthday.  Sorry.  Don't get too excited.  And quit trying to make her grow up faster than she already is!

So, I know the excitement of your birthday wanes a good bit after you go and have a kid.  And I get it.  It's the whole circle of life thing.  Life is not about me anymore.  Or life was never about me, but everyone pretended like it was when I was kid.  I don't know, but I'm still making that adjustment since leaving childhood.  They fooled me good.

All this self pity talk aside, I actually think my sweet hubby has a little something up his sleeve that I kind of already know about but am pretending like I don't.  Let's just say that I've been feeling more popular around this house lately and motherhood has begun to feel a little more natural these days... you know, like I'm defying gravity or something like that.  You catch my drift?

Well anyways, in case you're wondering what summer is like in DC, then just know that you're not missing out on much. I don't know if this whole debt ceiling bill had anything to do with it, but my oh my, it's been hot around these parts lately.  Texas hot... and Texas humid.  Bella and I have had to get creative with how we spend our days.  Games like "hide and go seek A/C" and "bang your toys on the cold kitchen floor" have been really popular.

We had a bit of a respite one night earlier this week and ran to the roof to eat sundaes and catch the sunset.  So for all you wondering, here's how cute Bella is looking these days:

There's those chubby legs and feet that I can't stop kissing.  And if you can get past my white knees, you'll notice the light is still shining on the Capitol behind us.  That's because some people work really late around these parts.  Or one might say some people bicker really late in to the night around these parts.  It all depends on how you see it.

So there's your taste of DC for the week.  Now you can all stop watching the news for a little while and let your blood pressure settle down a bit from the suspense of this debt ceiling bill.

During the rest of August, most people around here either vacate or reload their ammunition to prepare for the next round of battles.  Yes, August recess- and hopefully this August heat- will be over before you know it.

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