Wednesday, July 13

Davis Family Vacation & Sand Eating Contests

We're back!  And we returned with some great memories...
...happy faces...

...and one stomach full of sand (I promised you pictures of ruffled bathing suits and sand in the mouth, and boy, can I deliver on this one!).

The original Davises, plus a Bella and a few hats.

"Sisters!  Sisters!  There were never such ridiculous sisters."  That one there in the middle is officially declared the "hostess with the mostest"!  Thanks for planning a great Panama City beach vacation for all our families, Michelle!

And here's those manly, good lookin' men we married.  They swim with sharks and tackle them with their bare hands.

They also break kayak paddles in two.

And here are our beautiful babes sportin' their shades.  Note that one child's swimsuit is on backwards.  I can hardly dress myself, much less a child.

More sand!  We waited for the grimace, but she loved eating sand by the handful.

Now this one and the sand... not so much.  But oh my, she's cute in that pink tutu!

The Martin Family!

There, that's much better.
Nana and Bella are best buds at the beach.

And this is what one day on the beach will do to ya.

Here's to a great family vacation!  There are more pictures and videos that I'll post in the coming days (including some professional shots that are knock your socks off good!).  

See you Davis ladies and your families next year!  Oh, where shall we go next time!?

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