Wednesday, August 10

I Love My Purple Child

All of a sudden, there's more laundry in our pile.

And the stains are more menacing.

I clock in more time at the kitchen sink.

And plastic bowls and rubber spoons have suddenly appeared in my dishwasher.

We make regular runs for paper towels these days.

And Bella finds herself dunked in the bathtub on a more daily basis.

Why, you ask?

Here's the culprit.

Guilty.  Yep, she's to blame for it all.

If only that purple nose wasn't so darn cute!


  1. Sarah BrownAugust 10, 2011

    She is way too adorable!!!

  2. Aw, thanks Sarah! I can't wait to meet your little one!

  3. Seriously. Way too cute.