Wednesday, January 5

Let the fun begin

I'm doing it.

This is not a joke.

I have me a cool header, and I can't stop myself.

I'm starting a blog.

My family will laugh at me and say, "Oh, this is so something Diane would do."  But let me just say that, well... yes, it is something I would do.  But you'll thank me later as you begin to feel more and more updated on my life.  You see, as much as I enjoy phone calls and catching up, I just can't seem to be consistent at it.  To add to this, my family circle has expanded in recent years. I love that.  Family is a blessing.  But I feel a little overwhelmed at times.  Oh and one more thing... Bella.  She entered the world last year and has stolen our hearts.  And by our hearts, I mean the entire family.  They all want in on the fun, and I don't want to hog all these cute noises and faces to myself.

So for 2011, I have made the resolution to come up with a better way of including family in our lives up here in DC (we're from the ATL and Texas, you see).   While I could try to schedule a 10-way conference call each week for all extended family, I could also just start a blog so that everyone could do a little clicking here and a little clicking there and be updated all at once.  How awesome is that?!  Mom, are you still with me?  (My mom thinks technology is evil and probably hates me right now for using the internet to update her, but she needs to know that phone calls don't include pictures or videos, but this little blog here will do just that!  And don't worry Mom, I'll still call you.)

Now for all you friends out there thinking, "Who did Diane hire to create this blog?"  Let me first just say, thank you.  I did it myself.  Seriously.  I did.  And you can do it, too.  Thanks to an old friend who has a super cute blog, I was pointed to this blog that shows you how you too can take those pictures of your cute fam and make all sorts of cool headers (Picasa rocks!).  And wouldn't you know, I had my own cute pictures captured from that one day when I forced Mike to endure engagement pictures with me.  The lovely and amazing Rebekah J. Murray actually managed to capture us looking impromptu and natural one spring afternoon in Washington, DC. For the record, we are naturally awkward and look staged in our usual pics, but Rebekah is just that good.

And so, I neglected my daughter for a few hours, had a blast, and started this blog.  Fortunately, Bella has a short memory span and promises to make for some cute posts in days to come.

So strap in and get ready.  The Mannina Family is coming at you via the blogosphere!


  1. Wonderful Diane!!! Can't wait to read more about you guys!! Happy New Year dear Cuz!!

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  3. You made my day!!! I am SO thankful that you are going to blog...I look so forward to keeping up with the Manninas!

  4. This doesn't mean you can get out of phone calls you know... but I am excited you are doing this!!!

  5. Very inspiring Diane. I've been wanting to make a Tolar blog since we got married. It's been two yrs and still no blog! Great job. I love Bella and the whole Mannina clan! Miss you guys.