Thursday, January 20

Before I put Christmas away...

My husband is probably the most spirited holiday person I know.  He recently staged a protest when I threatened to take the decorations down weeks after Christmas had passed.  So one mid-January day, I sent him off to work, stripped the house of Christmas cheer, and then gave him a hug when he walked through the door.  We're doing okay.  He still slips in a Christmas song every now and again.

But before I really put a halt to Christmas and begin the wait for next year, I want to document one thing.  There are so many things I could say about what I treasure in a Davis Family Christmas (future blogposts to come!), but the "Silly Christmas Pic" we take by the fireplace each year is one of my favorite things.  Not only does it adequately capture the real side of the Davis clan, but it also documents how our family has grown over these past three years.  What wonderful gifts from God we three sisters have received in gaining three wonderful husbands and then some precious children.  Three new families are in the making. Mom and Dad are reaping the fruit of a faithful marriage and godly parenting.  God's grace is abundant in our lives. And some of that grace can be seen in these pics.

(Now for each new person, note the handmade stocking that's added to the mantle, thanks to the fabulous Mom/Nana.)

2008: This is the year Dan entered the picture.  He's real thrilled to be a part of this crew, as you can plainly see.  Diane remains single and weird.

2009: Yay!  Diane found a man who could appreciate her silly side.  The stockings keep growing...

2010: Two little sweeties in one year?!  And Amy and I were not even pregnant in the pic before. Those little girls surprised us both.  Does it get any sweeter?  Mom and Dad officially need a new mantle.

Family is such a blessing.  In the words of Mom and the ol' hymn, "Praise God from whom all blessings flow!"

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  1. I just saw this! I love it!!! Those pictures are awesome!!!