Wednesday, January 12

Ode to Michelle

To my little sister:

Today is your birthday.  You're 25 years old.  Hardly a little sister anymore.  In fact, you're teaching me a few things these days. 

During this past year, you've been a real source of encouragement and help to both me and Amy.  You've walked us through the ups and downs of pregnancy and post partum.  Delivering babies 4 days apart?!  No problem.  Aunt Me-Shell to the rescue!  You've served us and our little girls in big ways during these first weeks of life.  You are truly the best aunt any niece or nephew could ask for.

In addition to this, you serve your sweet husband and cheer him on to victory.  You are steadfast in your support of him.  You'd follow him anywhere.  Actually you did follow him... to the middle of nowhere.  His success this year has much to do with the woman behind him.

And not only did you follow your man to nowhere, you officially persevered through life in the middle of nowhere.  A tough job.  Odd living arrangements.  Some lonely nights.  Killer spiders.  Crazy tornados.  And not only that, you made it all fun.  Who knows? You just may miss the middle of nowhere when you're laying on the beach this summer.

I love you sweet Shell.  Happy Birthday to you!  You are a treasure to me.  I look up to you in more ways than you know.  In fact, even little Bella looks up to you...

The Bell-Tell...
...and the Bella-Boo

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