Tuesday, January 18

Developmental Milestones: Flippin' the bird

When people would ask me what I was most excited about in having a baby, I always said, "I can't wait until she's 2 or 3, you know, when she can really interact with me."  If I was honest, I'd have to admit that these early months scared me.  Can they really be that much fun this early on?

The answer is YES!  But I think it's something only the actual parent can appreciate.  You see, I've had many friends post videos of their kids before, and it's left me thinking, "Seriously?  You thought THAT was postworthy?"  But truth be told, there's this inexplicable joy and fun to watching someone develop in very basic ways during those first few months.

Enter Bella.  She's learning hand-eye coordination right now.  She's finally figuring out that she can do things with those crazy hands of hers besides whack herself in the head.  And we've been learning with this silly bird.  Unfortunately, I didn't think ahead and only realized once we started the learning process that I was encouraging her to flip the bird.  Grrreat... mothering no-no #37.

Anyways, for those of you that enjoy watching babies wiggle on mats and swat at objects, I give you Bella, the amazing bird flipper!  And for those of you that still can't figure out what's wrong with parents like me, I understand.  No really, I do.  I promise I'll let you know when Bella is doing something truly postworthy... like banging on a piano or putting her foot in her mouth.

Day 1 of Bird Flippin':

After only one week:

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