Tuesday, November 1


When Bella spoke the words "Mooooo" just a few short weeks ago, I knew she was trying to tell me something.  She wanted to be a cow for Halloween.

After all, what girl wouldn't want to cover herself in pudge and spots for Halloween?

Oh Bella, you make pudge look like the next fashion craze.  You know, this cow obsession is in your genes.  Need I remind you??
You make grazing look so natural.

And here's your proud cow-crazed farming family!

Check it out- your first piece of candy ever!  I think Dad's more excited to finally have a reason to ask people for candy again.
Turns out that cows like ducks and ladybugs.  Also turns out that parents should never try to pose children under the age of 2 for a picture.

Your first merry go round ride at the annual Hill-oween!  Woah there, don't get too excited.

Miss Independent trick or treating all by herself.

Not so fast there, Bessie!  Round her up, and back to the pen!

Candy-shmandy.  This cow loves her some milk!

Finally, for those die hards out there, we present to you Bella's first trick or treat moment of her life followed by a riveting cow dance she put together for you at the end of the night.

Mike taught her those moves.

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