Monday, November 7

Happy Birthday, Bella Mae!

Just one year ago today, we became parents.  From that first moment, we were beaming with love and joy for this new life.
One year later, and I don't think the glow has worn off.  Bella's life and the fact that we get to be her parents still amazes us.

Reaching the first year milestone can easily make a parent think they've accomplished so much.  I'm so tempted to look at all my hard work and dedication this past year and to pat myself on the back.  But the thing is, when Mike and I look back, all we see is God's faithful hand carrying us all the way through- from a surprise pregnancy to the delivery room, from those sleepless nights to that first smile.

He has accomplished it all, and we have looked on in wonder and amazement.  Our hearts are full of gratitude to Him for this precious girl and the wonders He has worked in our new family this past year.

More birthday pictures are soon to come...

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