Thursday, December 1

Celebrating "Jeshush"

Thanksgiving has quickly disappeared in the last few days and has been replaced by all things Christmas. My husband is obsessed with this season. I married well. :)

Garland, nativity sets, twinkly lights, 24/7 Christmas music, and even our own version of a Christmas tree have found their way in to our 675 sq feet of space.  The good news for us is that it doesn't take much to truly deck our place out.  I give you our Christmas branch!
Very Charlie Brown-esque, I'd say.

Anyways, Bella has taken an immediate interest in the sheep, Josephs, and camels that have appeared around our home, and we've seen it as an opportunity to exercise our parenting genius and teach her who Jesus is.

Me: Bella, who is this?  Say Jesus.  Jeeee-sus.

Bella: Jeshush.

Me: Genius!  Look what I have taught my child!

Mike: Do you think this means she's a Christian?

[Insert Diane giving the "Are you serious?" eye to Mike.]

Back to Bella post bottle...
Me: Bella, who is this?

Bella: Jeshush.

Me: Amazing!  Look what I've created!  How brilliant is this kid?!

Ahhh, but like all moments of parenting excellence, this one too, quickly reached its end.

The next day, Bella and I were playing with her farm animals.  Remember how she excels at all things cow?

Me: Bella, who is this?
Bella: Moooooo... Jeshush.

Me: Huh?  Oh wait, maybe I didn't hear you correctly.  Who is this?

Bella:  Jeshush.

Diane: Oh no!  Wait... who are these guys?  You know, your bears that we say hi to everyday...?
Bella: Jeshush.

Me: And what about them... your family?
Bella: Jeshush.

Me: Not the family!

Yep, that's right. Everything in our home right now is "Jeshush".  He has invaded this place and taken over anything with a face on it.

Now there are pros and cons to this reality, but let's just say that Mike and I haven't stopped laughing yet.  In fact, dare I confess that we've kind of started encouraging it?  I know, I know... moment of parenting excellence out the window.

We'll get our act together next year.  Yeah... next year.  I'll make that my New Year's resolution.

But for now, I give you Bella on video:
If you listen carefully at the end, I ask Bella if she likes Jesus, and I'm pretty sure she says, "Kind of."

A step in the right direction, little girl!

Happy December 1st, everyone!


  1. I totally heard "Kind of"! Precious!

  2. I'm pretty sure she also say's dada for the farmer...I guess he kind of would look like me if I participated in Movember.