Friday, December 9

Speaking My Love Language

Last night, we abandoned this sad face...
... for a date night!!

Actually, if I was being honest, she wasn't sad at all.  In fact, I think she was glad to have a new friend to play with.  But I just like to imagine she was at least a little sad to see us go.  But no, she wasn't even a little sad.  This picture was actually taken on Bella's birthday after she had opened her presents, and Mom didn't get her act together and assemble one of the toys fast enough.  I'm such a kill joy.  Geez.

So back to date night.  Mike was a little nervous on the drive over.  You see, where we were going is not what many would coin as a romantic date.  No candlelight.  No quiet atmosphere.  No white table clothes.  Oh no!  When we stepped in to Hill Country Barbecue, I knew we had left DC and headed straight to the very best part of Texas, the Hill Country- complete with all it's barbecue wonder and live music.

Last night, we dined on lean brisket, ribs, cowboy baked beans, and mac & cheese.  We drank Shiner Bock out of a mason jar.  I dragged my white bread through bbq sauce.  I licked my fingers.  I hardly used my fork and knife.  I ate off of butcher paper! 

Does it get any better??
My face in this picture says, "No, it does not get any better."  I was literally surrounded by Texas flags and pictures from small town Texas.  I felt like I was home, and Mike's anxiety about avoiding a stuffy, white table cloth dinner quickly melted away.  For heaven's sake, they even serve Blue Bell at this place!  

After dinner, Mike and I headed out to pay homage to the National Christmas Tree on the South side of the White House.  It's about half the size of last year's tree, a gigantic tree that met it's tragic end during a random storm that hit DC this past year.  Very sad.

But Baby Tree was still cute.
A park ranger, complete with hat and all, took our picture.  I love that.  And then Mike debated with him about whether or not they had moved the tree 20 feet over or not.  And I just stood there. Yeah.  Oh, and that's the White House on the left, in case you're wondering.

All to say, it was a great night with Mike, and it definitely left us excited about our upcoming trip to celebrate Christmas in Texas!

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