Wednesday, December 28

Lions, and Tigers, and Trains!

We're in Atlanta now with Mike's side of the family, but here we go again with another episode of a DC Family Christmas.  I think we'll need to wait until we finally get back to DC to bring the full report from the really exciting parts of Christmas... you know, things like Bella and Kate reunited, the gourmet food our parents cooked up, the ridiculous amount of packages under multiple trees and the tissue paper parties that followed, etc.

So, let's get this other stuff out of the way, okay?

Earlier this month, in the freezing cold, we ventured out with some other crazy parent friends to the ZooLights.  Our National Zoo covers itself in lights for the month of December and stays open late so that parents can freeze their children and do so past their bedtime.  Killer combo.  Nevertheless, I think it may be the most spirited place in DC when it comes to light displays.
That's my green marshmallow man and our little frozen statue in the stroller there.

After enjoying our stroll through the festive trees- and after a disturbing encounter with a dancing panda in a snow globe- we stopped by the petting zoo on our way out.  It was Bella's favorite part, of course.  I think in this picture she's saying, "Why did I have to put up with all these cold shenanigans just to pet the goats?"

And may I just add that Mike is equally as excited to be at the petting zoo.  He's a sucker for caged animals.

Onto the Botanical Gardens and the "out of this world" train display:
This place, hands down, had the coolest holiday train display I have ever seen!  It was like something out of a storybook.  See how Bella can't even stop for a picture?
It's the perfect size for our little munchkin!  Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of the actual trains.  What can I say? This little girl distracts me.

Monticello a la some kind of obscure wood.  We were super impressed.

Daddy's girl + Nature = Mike in his element.

A Merry belated Christmas to all from our world in DC!  I hope y'all have been able to savor Christ this season and enjoy the gift of family and friends.

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