Wednesday, December 7

A Special Trip to the Mailbox

The Manninas are in love with the month of December!  Especially this year...

Last year, we had a one month old baby and were behind on everything.  This year, the decorations were up the weekend after Thanksgiving, and our Christmas cards had already been picked out and ordered.  I'm so tempted to pat myself on the back when I think about such accomplishments.  But let me tell you, after last year's experience, I have learned that "being ahead of the game" is a gift from God.  Well actually, it's all a gift from God.  Last year, we were constantly playing catch up, but I also have memories of feeding a newborn at 2 AM by the light of our Christmas tree.  What a wonderful gift that was!

So whether behind or ahead of the game this season, I hope you, too, are experiencing the gift that this season is and represents.  While Mike and I are having great discussions about what it will mean for us to center our thoughts and family activities on Christ's coming both this year and in years to come, we are also loving the simpler gifts of the season.

Saturday, I hosted a table and sang a Christmas tune or two at our church's annual Christmas Tea.  It is such a wonderful time for fellowship and for hearing the gospel message.

[Insert pictures here that I forgot to take.  Boo.]

Monday night, I had my Bible Study over for cookie decorating.  I actually attempted homemade cookie dough & icing, and it turned out great!

I've so loved getting to know these sweet faces this past semester.

And last night, we put the final touches on a batch of Christmas cards.  Mike and I have so enjoyed sitting at our table and talking about our family and friends as we address each envelope- complete with sweet treats and Christmas music, of course.  It is such a tangible reminder of the gift God has given us in our family and friends over the course of our lives.

And guess who walked our cards to the mailbox??

Impressive, especially considering that I bought her "Ronald McDonald size" shoes that she will have to grow in to.  Oops! :)


  1. tell bella we got our precious card. love it....and yall.

  2. Love you, too! See you soon!