Wednesday, December 14

A Christmas Baby Shower

The Christmas season is destined for all sorts of parties.  After all, the foundation has already been laid.  Red, green, and Christmas white.  Great colors.  Garland, poinsettias, cranberries, twinkle lights.  Great decor.  So let's have a party, shall we?

How about a Baby Shower?  

Last Sunday, I had the pleasure of hosting my dear friend Melody and her friends for a baby shower celebrating her soon to be little boy.  We celebrated with curried egg salad, chickpea salad, fruit salad, spinach salad, chicken salad, and green been salad.  Wow.  I think we were trying to make up for all the holiday hams and eggnog served at all the other parties.

And don't forget the tea and hot chocolate bar.  I love cold weather drinks.  Pinkies up!

One of my favorite decorations for this shower was the Diaper Christmas Tree:

And of course, we placed all the gifts under the tree.  Perfect!

But my ultimate favorite decoration had to be the Baby Boy Gingerbread cookies.  Nothing like edible decor!  I must admit, I had a little too much fun making these:

They're smiling, sleeping, sucking pacifiers, and wearing onesies and diapers.  And see the one crying on the right?  Just trying to keep it real.

Oh wait, I just realized the one on the bottom left looks like he has the chicken pox.  Oops.  Not encouraging.  

Moving on...

I've always just mixed powdered sugar and milk to make cookie icing, but I tried this twist on the classic recipe this time around, and I won't be going back.  Maybe this will take your cookies up that extra notch this season, too.  Or maybe you're already on cookie overload.  <Insert me with hand raised.>

Well either way, enjoy!  New Year's resolutions don't start until January. :)

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  1. ah! i so much love this. such a sweet twist on the typical baby shower and the tree/cookies are GENIUS. how fun!