Wednesday, December 21

Christmas at the White House

I love being home for Christmas... in Texas that is.  But before I make the full transition to pictures and memories from this here side of the world, I thought I'd share what this holiday season has looked like from our home in DC.

Earlier this month, Mike had a chance to visit the White House and see the halls all decked out:
It doesn't matter who is in office.  The White House at Christmas is always a treat!  This year's theme is "Shine, Give, Share."
Meet the First Dog, Bo!  Mike says this is a 3-4 foot statue, in case you can't tell.  But unfortunately, he can't tell you what material it's actually made out of.  But that's okay, because I'd like to take this opportunity to tell you that my family once had a dog named Beau.  He was special and loved by some.  Well, let's just say I sure hope this Bo is nothing like our Beau.  He was loved and all (um, I'm lying to help honor his memory), but a First Dog he was not.

Here is the East Room.  Wait, they have all this stuff on HGTV, right?  Okay, so you could just watch that.  Or you could say that you've seen insider's photos.  Yeah, insiders.  That's us.  No, actually, insider is what we were when we used to come to this House and those purple table clothes were filled with gourmet Christmas food.  Even then, we knew we didn't belong.  Ah, those were the days...

Here is this year's Christmas Tree that can be found in the Blue Room.  It's decorated in honor of military families this year.  See all the medals hanging as ornaments?

And the classic White House a la gingerbread and white chocolate.  Go White House pastry chefs!  And there's Bo again.  Um, not to scale.  But how cool/crazy scary would that be cool if he was?

And that's the end of that tour.  Join us tomorrow for Zoolights and Botanical Garden trains... and yes, some pictures of Bella!

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