Wednesday, June 29

Splish, Splash, Bella's Taking a Bath

Bella is doing a lot of graduating these days.

Graduating to finger foods, to full out crawling, to pulling up, to lots of "da da da da da"...

And yes, to big girl bath time.  For the past seven months, she's been using one of those little bath contraptions that really places a limit on one's fun in the water, especially as a certain someone's chub has begun to displace all the water in the tub.

So last night, we transitioned to the big bath tub.  I suppose we could have just put her in the actual bath tub, but I've really enjoyed not having to bend over a tub to bathe her.  So even though this means I have to disinfect the kitchen sink before every bath, I figure that's probably a useful habit to add to my life.  Plus, when I plop my kid in the kitchen sink, it has this strange effect of making me feel more like I live on a ranch instead of the big city.  And I need more of that feeling in my life.

So, here is Bella enjoying the world of water!  Oh, and just to set the scene, Mike was singing "Under the Sea" before the camera started rolling.  You know, just in case you need some music to put to this.  Or you just want to laugh at the idea of Mike impersonating a crab.

Move over Michael Phelps!


  1. Hi Diane. I've been following your blog for a while and SO love watching Bella grow. She's just a little bit older than my little guy (born December) so it's neat to see what kind of shenanigans I should expect in the comings months. Looks like life is treating you well. You have a beautiful family!

  2. bigger chubs need bigger baths!