Friday, June 3

Dear Nana,

I have been working hard these days because Mommy says something big is happening in your life, and I have to be ready!

So I'm getting out the big books...

... and brushing up on my history...

and I'm learning how to calculate my alphabet... err, I mean, numbers.

I'm doing all this because Mommy says your teaching days are coming to an end.  And since there will be no more students left for you to quiz, I was thinking you might try to quiz me!

Mommy says you just want to spend more time loving me, but I'm going to be ready just in case.  Oh, and I already love George Washington just like you!

So I have a little message for you today:

Happy LAST day of school!  Happy retirement!  My mommy and daddy say they are so proud of you!

Enjoy the day, and eat it up!  I can't wait for more play dates!



  1. A HUGE Congrats to your momma!!! I can't believe she is retiring...that place will NOT be the same without her! Give her a big hug for me the next time you see her!!!

  2. Thanks, Lindsey! Will do!