Thursday, May 19

We've Made It to Six Months!

We did it!  We made it to half a year!  Bella is thriving, and Mommy is having fun, too!  One week into parenthood, and I'm not sure I would have predicted us making it this far.  Okay, just kidding.  It was never that bad.  But still, it's amazing to look back and see how far we've come.

By God's grace, Mike and I are being equipped each day to handle- and even embrace- all the new stunts Bella has in store for us.  Her personality and her little legs have both really taken off!

And won't you look at that!  She can sit up all by herself now.  Just yesterday, she managed to sit up for the first time without my help.  I turned my head to put out some fire in the kitchen, and lo and behold, I look over and <pop!> there's a cute little head sticking up!  How did she do that?

Other new accomplishments for Bella include:
- She loves her army crawlin'.  And she also does this crazy downward facing dog pose on her tippy toes.
- She rocks back and forth... a lot.  Let the real crawling commence!
- She eats pears, sweet potatoes, sweet peas, bananas, peaches, yogurt... but NOT avocados.  It's like child abuse when we try to feed her that stuff.  The gag reflex is intense.
- She is almost sleeping through the night and therefore helping Mommy recover her sanity.  Ahhhhh.
- She loves to put her feet in her mouth.

Other new accomplishments that must be thwarted include:
- Her love for every single cord plugged in to an outlet.  Blue, black, brown.... she does not discriminate.
- Her pterodactyl noises.  And no, that is not an exaggeration.
- New decibel levels for crying/whining.
- Her diapers since starting solids.  Woah.  How do you stop that?

Oh, but my favorite accomplishment of all has to be her chub.  Is chub considered an accomplishment?  Well,  this baby is rolling in baby chub!

From her cheeks...

... to her arms, to her tummy, and her toes!

Is there any other time in life when you can count fat rolls and then want to kiss each one?  No.  Absolutely, positively NOT.  These are the only cute rolls she'll ever have.  And I love them!


  1. Diane, your precious little girl is absolutely beautiful and adorable! I am so happy for you guys. Love and miss you, Elise

  2. Thanks Elise! She has stolen our hearts.
    I really miss you, too. Will you guys please make a trip out to DC someday so we can laugh together? :)

  3. Congrats!! Cute pictures. And I love her chub, too:).

  4. only time in life leg rolls are cute:). i miss them a little on my own kids.