Sunday, May 8

Mother's Day, Take One!

Look who brought Mommy breakfast in bed!
"Hey guys, where did all da muffins go?"

There they are!  Mommy Muffins! Actually, they are Pioneer Woman's French Breakfast Puffs made by Chef Mannina and his little helper.  Seriously, Mike made something with "French" in the title.  Fancy, fluffy muffins rolled in butter, sugar, and cinammon... like a dolled up donut if you ask me.  Yum!

Someone's been working hard this morning.

Flowers!  Presents!  Post-it artwork!

"Here Mom.  I got you a pwesent.  Will you wead it to me?"  Bella got me the hot off the press children's book from my favorite blogger and recipe queen.  (It was a Pioneer Woman Mother's Day if you haven't caught it yet.  When I tell Mike I like something, he runs with it.  He's a smart one, I tell ya.)

A happy mommy with her French muffin and the "You Are Special Today" red plate!  Oh, and a fresh sprig of mint from our new garden.  It's still alive and growing!

Bella, you fill this new mommy's life with such joy.  Thanks for the best first Mother's Day!  

And Mike, thanks for being Bella's special helper. ;)

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  1. Oh, this is just lovely. Go Mike and Bella--they did such a good job! Yay for all of you!