Monday, May 9

Master Mannina Week O' Celebration, Part II

I know you all have been at the edge of your seats waiting to see how the end of  Master Mannina Week O' Celebration went down.  Well, you can relax now, because here we go:

On Saturday, fabulous co-host Emily and I put on a graduation party for two!!

Introducing the graduates, Rachel and one chubby legged chica.

BBQ and all the fixin's.  (I keep taking pictures of my food displays after the fact, and it just doesn't look as appetizing.  I promise it was yummy, okay?)

Texas sheet cake!  Take a look at that fine handiwork by yours truly (ha!).  And look at those big time degrees back there!

And people!  Actually, there were a lot more people... and even some actual men, believe it or not.  Oh, I stink at party photos!  Really.  I wish I had documented this a bit better.  I blame it on the crazy fit Bella threw at one hour in... and then at two hours in... and then at two and a half hours in.  Let's just say it was a rough night for her and a good dose of parenting reality for me.  She must not do well at parties where she's not the center of attention.  Or maybe it's the fact that we didn't take her home until 10 pm.  Ah, it's a toss up. :)

Anyways, congratulations to my Master Mannina!  You did it!  Four years of hard work, and you're done!  Your family is so proud of you!

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