Thursday, May 5

Master Mannina Week O' Celebration

On Sunday night, he did it!  Mike made his final touches, clicked submit, and officially completed his Masters in National Security and Strategic Studies.  And shortly thereafter, Osama Bin Laden was announced dead.  No kidding.  That's how our night went.  I don't know what that says about this new Masters, but let's just say that final paper made quite the impact. (All kidding aside, there are two good posts here and here on a Christian response to the death of Bin Laden, in case you're interested.)

To celebrate the end to a long four years of hard work, this week we are spending our time doing things together that haven’t happened in a while.  For example:
Do you see what I see?

Spring flowers on our porch!  Hello there rosemary and basil.

Hello there pretty plant whose name I don't remember.

That "Plantus Unknownus" up there to the left about sums up my knowledge of plants.  But I'm learning...Master Mannina is teaching me.

Monday night: We declared a date night!  Sorry Bella… you weren’t invited.  We held hands because we weren’t holding a baby.  We looked at each other over our table for two because we weren’t admiring our baby.  We stayed out past eight o’ clock because we didn’t have to put a baby to bed.  And we didn’t take any pictures... because we’re not as cute as the baby.  Sorry.

Tuesday night:  We had a picnic!  The baby came, so we got pictures!

Dad's back!  I will give him slobber kisses.


I want to squeeze and kiss her forever.

Wednesday night:  We had out of town friends over for dinner.
Aren’t they the cutest family? 

We ate a long dinner and had good long conversation over berry cobbler.  Was it 9:30 or 10 pm when they left?  I don’t know because we lost track of time!  Why?  Because Mike didn’t have to run off to study, that's why!  We could just relax and enjoy.  And so we did.

These are our "relaxed and having fun because no one has to study" faces.

So today is Thursday, and there is more fun to come! “Master Mannina Week O’ Celebration” is to be continued…


  1. Congrats to all of you! Enjoy this celebration!

    Your flowers and herbs look great!:)

  2. Yay!!!!! Congrats, Mike! You're done! PTL! I'm so glad that you have time now to do all these wonderful things together and as a family. Oh, and I LOVE that photo of you and Bella, Diane. She's gorgeous, just like her Mommy. ;)

  3. Thanks so much! It's so great to have him back.

    And those pics were our herbs on day one. We'll see how long they last. ;)