Thursday, June 30

Thrift Store Adventure

Many thanks to my friend and neighbor, Shannon and baby Behr over the at the Scribble Pad, for taking me and Bella on our first crazy consignment warehouse adventure.

And crazy it was.  We pilgrimaged almost an hour outside DC to join other crazy money saving mommas in the hunt.  We got there so early that we literally had to stop and have a picnic on the floor of Panera... because how else do you kill two hours with two little movers and shakers?  And yes, that means we literally threw out a blanket on the floor of the restaurant and ignored all looks from people who don't have babies and therefore can't relate.

As the hour drew near, we pulled up to the Montgomery County Fairgrounds, nursed both babies in the front seat of the car, laughed at the thought of what this must look like to a watching world that thankfully wasn't watching, secured a fresh change of diapers, and took our place in a long line of politely anxious mommas with babes strapped in Ergos.

I felt like one of those crazy brides on the hunt for a half price wedding dress that camps out the night before so she can mad dash in to some store and rip her wedding dress out of another bride's hands while tackling her to the ground lest she protest.

That feeling scares me.  I'm actually not a huge fan of places that bring out the aggressive side of women and put them all together in one room.

But thankfully our hunt actually went without any big bumps, rips, or tears.  No one ripped anything out of my hand, I didn't see anyone pulling anyone's hair out, and I didn't pull my own hair out.  No, I maintained composure.  And some moms even helped me find the right size I was looking for.  Now, that's the spirit!

I came out with some great finds.  Check it out!

1 Jacket, 2 dresses, 3 hard back books, 2 pairs of shoes, 3 footed sleepers, 1 set of 3 travel bowls for food (not pictured, in the sink), 1 table placemat (also in the sink), and a bathing suit for our Davis Family Beach Trip next week(!)... and all for the whopping low price of $48!  That's 14 items for $3.43 each!  Yes!

Thanks for all the money saving and fun memory making, Shannon!  I think Bella and Behr are really starting to hit it off.  The way they traded off screaming in the backseat on the way home leads me to believe that something really special is going on there. ;)

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  1. It was a blast! When I get pictures of the picnic, I will be sure to post the link here.