Monday, June 20

Has Anyone Told You Today...

...what a terrific dad you are?

You used to love mountains and bikes- well, not that you ever stopped loving them- but now you lay them down so you can spend more time with me outdoors.

You used to sleep in and do whatever your heart desired on Saturdays.  But now, you lay down your Saturdays just to make sure I feel better.

You used to lay out and relax on the beach during vacation.  But now you lay down your naps and suntans so I can wake you up at 5:30 am to change my dirty diaper.

You used to enjoy a quick lunch at Chick-Fil-A.  But now you lay down "getting back on the road" so you can take me to the playground.

You used to spend your evenings going out with friends.  But now you lay down evenings with friends just to put me to bed.

You used to be all serious in that suit of your's.  But now you lay down your businessman cover just to play with me when you walk through the door.

For all the ways you count it a joy to lay down your life for me and for Mom, we thank you.  

Mike, since becoming a dad, you have grown so much in the way you model Christ to this family, and this weekend we celebrated the good work He is doing in you.

We love you, and we think you're terrific.


  1. What a darling post! I love the picture of Bella in the mixing bowl.:)

  2. The mixing bowl is my fav! You learn pretty quickly that they want to play with anything but the toys you actually buy for them. ;)

  3. Diane - Not sure how else to reach you! I just saw your comment at Sit A Spell.

    Seriously???? You worked with RR? Did you agree with my assessment of him? :)

    My name is Shannan Martin. I worked at THF for just a year, 2003. Then we moved back to IN and I continued working for him for another 6 months or so, from home. Then he forced me upon others in related fields (and for that I am eternally grateful).

    What a SMALL world!!! I'm so glad you said something!