Saturday, June 18

A Father's Day Wish, Round 2

It's time for our next honoree of the weekend... Papa!

That's my dad down there.

He sure does know how to hold his girls in his lap.  This was always my favorite place in the house... Daddy's lap.  It's the safest place in the world.  And that's a fact.

Remember this special moment, Dad?  I love the picture of a daddy handing off his daughter to her husband.  At that moment, a lot of faith must go in to entrusting another man with the girl you once held securely in your lap.  Bella has given us a whole new perspective on this front.

Dad, you truly stand out in the crowd of fathers.  In fact, you could and probably should write a book on how to raise girls.  

From the creative ways you told me you loved me by sneaking "I love you" in to any moment you could.  

To your deliberate telling and display of God's grace.  

To your humble servant's heart and the sacrifices you'd make just to see us smile.  

To the way you loved mom.  

To our bedtime prayers and stories told in your fun voices.  

To jubee bugs.  

To Father Daughter dates in costume

To our first dozen roses.

These memories only scratch the surface.  

Of all the dad's in the world, I still think you're the best.

I love you. Happy Father's Day.

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