Tuesday, June 14

Graduation, New England Lobster Rolls, and "Stroller"boarding

Last Thursday morning, we got up before the rest of the world to begin our pilgrimage to Mike's graduation ceremony at the Naval War College.  From Washington, DC to Newport, RI is about a seven hour drive per Google.  Per baby, it's about a 10-11 hour drive.  Our strategy was to get up super early and trick the baby into thinking it was still sleepy time.  Here's how that strategy worked out for us:

Eleven hours later we arrived in Newport.  The view from our adorable beach house made everything better.  Our little spot was "out of a storybook" cute and quite literally had a million dollar view overlooking the historic mansions of Newport.

Ahhh, vacation.

Our next plan was to pick up Grandma Gigi at the airport.  The end of this video gives a clue as to how that plan worked out:

One quasi-hurricane, a canceled flight, an overnight train trip, and a quick shower later, Gigi and family finally arrived at Mike's graduation with big smiles on our faces.  A gold star to Gigi for her amazing travel efforts!

Here's the super important Naval War College where my husband graduated from.  I only wish they had stuck him in one of those white uniforms for the day.  What's better than a man in uniform?  Perhaps a handsome Italian man with a beard in a dark suit?  Ah, it's a toss up.

And here, ladies and gentlemen, is the moment we've waited four years for!  Go Mike!  You did it!

(P.S. That's not our baby crying at the beginning of the video, although I can't say she endured the two hours without a tear or two.)

Speaking of Bella, here's our little girl trying to get a handle on all her Daddy has just accomplished.

And here's a precious Father/Daughter pic.

And why not add Mom in there, too!

And here is proof that Gigi actually made it!  After a night with no sleep, I'm surprised she still has a smile on her face.  Bella however, is looking a little rough.  That's what one morning without a nap does to her.

Although graduation was definitely the highlight of this trip, Lobster Rolls came in at a close second for Mike.

Cupcakes and champagne on the beach were my close second.

Bubbles on the beach were Bella's close second.  Or maybe it was "Stroller"boarding at the skate park on the beach. (Seriously, if you only have time for one video in this post, this is the one.)

Vacation with a baby is hard work, but we wouldn't have it any other way!

Signing off for another grand Mannina adventure!


  1. Love these pics! Glad you all had a great time and congrats to Mike!:)

  2. AnonymousJuly 26, 2012

    Mike, I used to work with your Mom at VZ years ago, I recall when you were first going to DC. Looks like you have done very well for yourself. Nice family, your Mom must be very proud. Congratulations!
    Greg W.