Monday, February 14

Valentine's Day Blooper

This year, Mike did an AWESOME job with our "Valentine's Day, Engage-aversary" extravaganza.  We snuck away for some R and R out in Pennsylvania's Amish country.  We had our own little cottage at a place called The Artist's Inn (Check out their creative and funny artwork.).  The fields around it are covered in snow, and the traffic on the roads consist of horse and buggies.  We could hear them outside our window until almost one in the morning!  Anyone want to take a guess as to what Amish people are doing out that late on a Sunday night?  We don't know, but Mike and I sure had fun guessing.

Our vacation consisted of nothing but drinking tea, reading, napping, and eating lots of homemade cookies provided by our innkeeper, Jan.  Oh, and I should add that this was also our first official family vacation.  Bella loved it.  Wait, let me clarify.  From what I've heard, I've decided family vacations are a success when you come home with a healthy and happy baby.  And so, we didn't have to burn or throw away any of Bella's clothing.  We also didn't have to pay for replacements or an extra special clean up.  And no, we didn't accidentally send Bella off in a buggy never to be seen again.  So what I'm trying to say is that I think Bella loved it. (Setting the bar low is key to feeling like a successful parent.)

Oh, but there was that one little blooper. I realize what I am about to do is a little immature- especially for a Valentine's Day post- but we were trying so hard to catch Bella's cute gurgling noise she's been making lately, and well, er, we got this instead:

A low point in my blogging... yes, I know.  Bella, you'll never forgive me.  I understand.  Happy first family vacation!

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