Monday, February 21

Rock n' Rollin'!

It happened.  On Saturday... it really happened.  The most exciting part of our three day weekend.  Bella rolled.  As in, she rolled over.  Yes, our little girl rolled over for the first time!

She really did surprise us.  It was like something just clicked, and ever since Saturday, we can't lay her on the ground without her going for a roll.  She's officially making us nervous.

So without further ado, here she is!  Disclaimer: This is actually the second time she rolled over.  If it makes you feel any better, we also missed the first time in our crazy scramble for the video camera.

I love that baby drool.  You can tell she worked really hard for that one. 

And I promise I don't talk in a high pitch baby voice on a regular basis.  I do have a normal voice, but I seem to have lost it in all these videos I keep posting.  She's just so cute, I can't control myself.

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