Friday, February 11

Happy Birthday, Dad!

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Before this week comes to a close, I can't let it pass without saying Happy Birthday to the best daddy in the world.  My daddy. 

There were a few things my daddy did for us growing up that I think all dads should adopt.  They all revolved around his consistent communication to his girls of grace and unconditional love.  So in honor of my dad, I will share just one. 

We had this back and forth chant we would do at bedtime every night.  It went a little something like this:

Dad: Now why do I love you so much?

Me:  Because I'm your girl! (We had to say it with gusto.)

When we ran home with As on our report card or a blue ribbon from our swim meet, Dad would do this chant with us.  When we disobeyed and had just finished receiving some well deserved discipline, Dad would do this chant with us.  He would even put notes in our school lunch boxes with little fill in the blanks for our part.  There wasn't one event in life that Dad didn't want his girls to know that it didn't matter how successful or unsuccessful we were, he loved us because we were his.  Not because of anything else we did or didn't do.  Does that not sound like the love of a heavenly Father?  He mirrored that so well to us.

So Happy Birthday, Dad.  I'm so thankful for another year with my Dad and look forward to more to come!

And just for kicks, here are some of my favorite things to do with Dad:

Sit in his lap and hear his stories.  He is a FABULOUS story teller.  Does all the voices.  I'm a little big for the lap part these days, so here is a cute picture of nephew Cole at Christmas.

And dance, of course!  My dad can cut a rug!

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