Wednesday, February 2

Cousins... but definitely not twins!

One of the many blessings of last week's travel to Texas for my grandfather's funeral was the fact that two little munchkins got to hang out... Bella Mae and Kate Eliana!  They are cousins who were born just four days apart back in November.  Only God could orchestrate timing like that. They have no idea how much fun this is, but their moms sure do!  And we are ready to capture these two together any chance we get.

As a sidenote, it was actually pretty special to see how these two could brighten any room they were in during what was a sad time for our family.  They really are precious gifts from God in so many ways.

Okay so this is the couch potato pose below.  A classic.  But seriously, could these two look any more different?!  I mean, can you believe these babies came from two sisters?

I love Kate's face in this picture.  She's like, "Seriously?  This is so staged."  And I'm pretty sure my child is drooling.  Nice.

And if we're keeping track of developmental milestones, note that Bella has figured out how to grin in picture #2.  Melt. Our. Hearts.  We live for that smile. (For the record, Kate can smile, too.  I've seen it.  It's also melt your heart good.)


  1. These pictures are awesome! Kate kind of reminds of how her Dad feels about Amy's photo shoots... I honestly feel like I have seen that exact face from him, hehe! I would like to note that Bella looks ready for 'Tea Time,' she has the pinky finger up!

  2. Oh, it posted the comment from Dan, but it was really MEshell :)

  3. Ha! I can't wait for tea time with Bella!