Wednesday, February 9

My New Job is Official

The maternity leave has officially ended.  My limbo days are over. On Friday, I turned in my blackberry, packed up my files, tipped my hat to Outlook, and said hello to full time baby smiles and diaper changings.

This week begins my official role as a full time mom.  Mike and I have received nothing but encouragement and support for our decision to leave the world of DINKS (double income no kids).  In fact, the more co-workers, friends, and women I've talked to about this decision, the more thankful I've become for what is truly the gift of staying at home. 

Nevertheless, it is a big decision and transition.  It is not a role I entered into without care or concern, and I've been asked a number of times how I'm handling the big shift.  Thankfully, I received some wise counsel from a mentor of mine back at the end of college that I've carried to this day.  This particular woman had worked hard at her job for a good number of years and was extremely successful.  But when her first child came, she stopped everything to become a full time mom.  When I asked her how she handled the transition, she told me she had disciplined herself throughout her career to remember her identity in Christ.  Because of this, she never felt defined by her job.  Neither did she feel defined by the fact that she was now a mom.  She was protected and fulfilled by her identity in Christ and therefore didn't get wrapped up in the culture's labels.  Sounds simple, but this has been really profound for me as I've thought through life's many transitions, both those behind and before me.  Looking to Christ has been the key to a successful transition.

In addition to this, I've also had a lot of help along the way- i.e. lots of meals from friends, special "rescue" visits from family, etc.  A very special thanks belongs to two people in my life for really paving the way for this new role.

First, to my husband, Mike: Thanks for making me a wife and mom and for prioritizing that role in my life.  Thank you for treasuring your family and for providing for us as Christ provides for his church.  It is a daily blessing to lean on you and to look to you for help and guidance.  I love watching you love me and Bella.

And to my mom: Thank you for making this a role I have aspired to.  Your role as a mother was always full of creativity and fun traditions.  You seized every opportunity to teach and train your three girls. Throughout my early mothering days, I've already found myself thinking about how you organized your home and loved your family.  You taught us how to love a husband and raise a family.  And now all three of your girls are following your example. 

And now, I interrupt myself to give you the latest on our little Bella bundle.  These days, we're all about smiles, wiggles, stomping feet, and yes, tummy time!

Okay, so she doesn't last long folks.  Give it 30 more seconds and this is what tummy time quickly becomes:

It's a rough life.


  1. So glad to hear this! I think you're making a great choice and God will bless you for it! :) Miss you and your wonderful family. Bella is the cutest. <3

  2. We miss you, too! Hope you're doing well. Let us know when you come down to DC, okay?