Wednesday, April 20

Roll Out Those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Sickness

Today is a sick day.  Sick daaaaaaay!   Stay home from work day!  Cancel all your plans day!  Family is together all day daaay!  I know.  I should hate sick days, but I secretly love them.  Especially when I'm the one not sick.  Sorry Mike.  He's got a severe case of allergies gone sinus on him.  It's sad.  Amidst all his sneezing yesterday, he went to the trouble to locate a map of all the oak trees spewing out their pollen on our block.  And then he emailed it to me like show and tell.  He's a desperate man.

So today he is home, and our medicine cabinet has slowly piled up on the kitchen counter.  Hot tawdies have also been a brewin'.  Ever had yourself a hot tawdy?  Nothing like a little whiskey in the morning.

Oh, and Bella threw up last night.  But she's back to normal again today.

Ahhhh, sick days.

Sick days also mean that the family gathers around the table for lunch.  What's on the menu?  White chicken chili for adults and applesauce for cuties.  How 'bout them apples, Bella?

And now, let this lazy, hazy, crazy day of sickness continue.  (Does anyone remember that Gilmore Girls episode where that men's quartet keeps singing this song in the town square during the First Annual Stars Hollow End of Summer Madness Festival?  It's maddening, yes, and for some reason that song keeps repeating itself in my head today.  I can't tell if it's from all the sickness, or lack of sleep recently... or if it's because it's finally starting to feel like summer outside...?)  

Well anyways, I'm off to start a load of  "throw up" laundry while Mike and Bella take a nap together.

Ahhhh, sick days.


  1. I secretly love sick days too...they usually involve lots of I Love Lucy and snuggling and naps...the best things, really. And Ha! The second I read your blog title, that Gilmore Girls song started playing in my head and hasn't stopped. Maddening indeed! Thanks for that, feel better Mike and Bella and stay healthy, dear Di. They need you!

  2. gilmore girls! i know bella will learn all these wonderful movies/shows in good time.. what a wonderful mother you will be! have you been watching masterpiece theatre? upstairs/downstairs (new version) and downton abbey? add to the list!

  3. I love that my friends know exactly the episode... ha! Bosom buddies...

    And yes, masterpiece theater is a recent discovery! Love!