Monday, April 25

I Give You My Easter Leftovers

I forgot.  I forgot to take pictures of my finished works of art.  The carrot souffle, the green been bundles, the Deer Valley potatoes, the homemade rolls, the three layer cake!  All forgotten.  The whirlwind of Easter and visitors and timing everything just perfect stole my pictures from me.

So here is what you get.  The leftovers.

Apologies if ham bone makes your stomach spin.

Anyone feel like doing the dishes?  (P.S. Thank you, Ana!)

Leftover Pioneer Woman Dinner Rolls, anyone? (By the way, these made their first time appearance at a Mannina holiday event yesterday and received five enthusiastic stars.)

Okay, but let's get deep here for a moment.  Please?  It will make me feel better.  The crumpled napkins, the dirty dishes, the leftovers... all represent a meal of celebration enjoyed together. That torn up ham bone... a masterpiece!

And see those well fed faces?  Masterpiece!

And my crazy daughter?  Oh gosh... wait for it...

There. That's better.  Masterpiece!

Cutest work of art ever!

The Mannina family.  All dressed up, at church on time, in a picture together, in front of Spring flowers.  Masterpiece!

Celebrating the resurrection that no one was expecting.  The resurrection of our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.  The resurrection that conquers sin and death for those who believe.  The ultimate masterpiece!

Happy Easter, everyone!  

May the hope of His resurrection continue to amaze us today and always.


  1. she just gets cuter and cuter. a true masterpiece! and....carrot souffle...yeah, the legacy continues. i didn't see any leftovers of that in the photos!

  2. actually, diane, that was me, bonnie just was using my computer and it posted her name! jeannie

  3. Mike is always skeptical when I tell him I'm making something with carrots. And then he ends up downing the thing and feeling good about himself for eating his carrots. If only he knew...

  4. And Bonnie! A girl! I heard and am sooooo excited! Get out the bows and frills!