Friday, April 22

The Dark Horse Candidate

Yep, that's me.  Just call me Black Beauty... or not.

Thank you to all the sweet friends and family who have persevered with this funny voting system.  I feel like a write in candidate with all your sweet "likes" and messages.  There's a long story behind this craziness, but let's just say that you all are so awesome that I was finally given a real entry on Facebook... with a real voting button... and a real banner above my video that makes it look all official and what not.

So please.  One more time I'm asking you to hop on over to this new and improved link and show Bella's video a little love. It's never been easier to cast your vote!  And don't worry if you already "liked" my previous posting, that vote still counts, too.  Votes and "Likes" are all being added up.

Again, just call me the dark horse.

Thanks so much for all your support and encouraging messages!  That seriously has been the best part of this whole contest.

One more time, here's the magical link that will make all our dreams come true:  Thanks for voting!

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