Saturday, April 30

God Save the Queen... and Our Home

I didn't want to be alone, in the dark, on my couch, watching the royal wedding early Friday morning. So this happened instead....

Royal wedding crazed girl invasion!!  I just knew I wasn't alone.

Pinkies up!  Like my weak attempt at hats?

They may be crazy, but they're super cute at 5:30 in the morning.

And look who else didn't want to miss out on all the princess fun?  "Front row seat, please!  5:30 is my specialty."

My version of scones and tea... ha!  As I researched scone recipes, I found out they contain way too much butter for my taste. So I made cinnamon rolls instead.  Don't judge.

What was my takeaway from this royal wedding tea party, you ask?  Was it something deep I gleaned from the vows exchanged, or my opinion on the fashion show of hats and dress or the double balcony kiss?  I wish.  Unfortunately, my big takeaway came at 5:23 AM when I stumbled from our bedroom to turn on the tea.  

I turned on the wrong burner.  

So that tea towel over the cinnamon rolls?  Poof!  Up in flames.  And that smoke detector in our kitchen?  Loud and angry.  My blood pressure?  Off the charts.  And my husband... and baby?  Up, dazed, and confused.

Let's just say that the start to our day/tea party was a little shaky.  

Lesson learned.


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  1. Love this! Looks like it was so much fun!