Thursday, April 28

Only Three Days From Now

Dear Mike/Dad,

Three days from now, you'll feel the same feeling you felt on days like this:  

Or perhaps even days like this:

Except this time, you'll have achieved something far greater and far more difficult.

Something you poured long hours over and achieved outstanding grades on, all while juggling the impossible.  Perhaps that is what makes this accomplishment stand above the rest.  While other degrees or mountain top experiences were major milestones and accomplishments, on this one, the odds were truly against you.  You persevered amidst things like:

Marathon training,

White House toiling,

New job applying,

Regular hours working,

Wedding day planning,

Honeymoon playing (thank God you didn't study there),

New home moving,

New wife loving,

Faithful church going,

Pregnancy surprising,

Overseas traveling,

Pregnant wife enduring,

Delivery helping,

Crash course parenting,

And sweet daughter loving.

All this you've mastered well amidst starting on, working hard on, and finishing your Masters degree.

And this weekend, you're finishing strong.

Almost there, babe!  You're almost there!

Your two very proud girls

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