Thursday, April 21

Help Me Hop n' Scout to Victory!

Well, hello there.  I have a favor to ask of all you faithful friends and family out there.  Will you help me and Bella win a little contest?

Hopscout is holding a contest to select five new Hopscout Editors.  What does the site do?  They sell one cool, vintage, classic toy each day on their site.  Each toy has been reviewed by a real mom so you know it's the real deal.  Sound like a cool job?  I think so.  So I entered by making a 90 second video showcasing the amazing talent of Bella.

So how can you help?  Super easy.  Just click on this link.*  It will take you straight to Facebook.  All you have to do is watch my video and like it.  That's it!  "Like" my video on Facebook, and it's as good as a vote for Bella.  If for some reason you are blocked from liking my post, then you may need to take one extra step and hop on over to the Hopscout page at:  "Like" them and then you can "like" my post.  Got it?

*Newsflash!  There's a new and improved link that makes it easier to vote than ever!  Click on this link and press the "vote" button.

If you're feeling extra helpful, then post a comment below the video.  Possible comments could include:

- Bella is cute!
- Bella steals the show!
- Diane, you're a nerd, but I love you and your baby.

See how easy?

And if you're feeling really helpful, then help me spread the word.  Here's the new and improved link:  Embed it anywhere you please (i.e. your Facebook page, your blog, your twitter account)!

And I promise, if I win I will fight for world peace.  Better yet, I'll let all my DC friends come play and review toys with us.


Finally, for all two of you out there without a Facebook page (i.e. mom and dad), here is the actual video for your viewing enjoyment.  You've voted for me enough in life.  I'll let you off the hook on this one.

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