Friday, February 24

Lovin' Birds & New Words

Favorite Bella memory of the week?  Feeding the birds down at the Capitol's reflecting pool.  The weather was cool enough for a sweater but sunny enough for Bella's sun hat.  Picture perfect!

This girl is in love with birds.  So in love in fact, that every now and again she'll share her Joe's Os with them. It's pretty hilarious to watch the look on her face as she determines whether to throw them to the birds or shove them in her mouth.  She's clearly a Mannina and doesn't really enjoy sharing her food. ;)

Most un-favorite memory of the week?  The post nap, clingy, whiny, temper tantrum.  It's here.  In my house.  Let's not spend time dwelling on it.

Yes, so moving on, Bella is picking up words right and left.  Get ready, because this girl's attempts at her own name are pretty funny:

I think she's just about got it!

And yes, our rocker is officially a jungle gym these days.

Happy Friday!

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