Wednesday, February 8

Playing with Cow Patties, Spaghetti, & Fire

Here's the latest collection of happenings from our world:

Last weekend, we gladly accepted an invitation from some of our dear friends to do one of our most favorite things... escape from the city to wonderful, rural Virginia!  Bella loved it.


No really.  She loved it.
I think she and that cow are channeling the same sentiment: "Get me out of this cold, cow patty minefield." 
Okay, so Spring can't get here fast enough for this girl.  Back to our warm, little nook in the world...

So, I've got this new strategy when it comes to spaghetti: 
Spaghetti in the nude!  It's working out great for everyone involved... um, everyone being just Bella.

 And there's that smile we've been looking for!

 Also, new at the dinner table this week:  Bella's adopted a love for blowing out candles.
They don't even have to be lit, and she practices all the same. That equals extra peace of mind for me.

Daddy's coaching her for her next birthday.  

I hope you're able to enjoy the simpler things in life this week.  
From farm to tea table, it's pinkies up from our world!

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