Wednesday, February 15

I Love Lucy & Girls in Tutus

I hope everyone had a fun Valentine's Day out there!  I've enjoyed hearing about all the fun things people did out there: from traditional dates, to "nerd themed" dinner dates, to heart shaped pizza dates, to fancy family dinners with the kids. Valentine's Day takes on many shapes and forms for people out there.

For Bella, it looked a little something like this:

That's right.  A play date with our man, Behr!  They had a romantic, candle-less picnic date with plastic sandwiches and huge, red forks.  

Mike and I actually celebrated on Monday night with a special trip to the Hill Country for real Texas BBQ (yes, we actually think that BBQ sauce dripping off our chins and elbows is romantic).  And then we threw off the whole Texas vibe by heading to Adams Morgan for coffee.  And just to let you in on a little secret, we actually celebrate our engagement anniversary the day before Valentine's Day.  Every year, we kind of feel like we steal Valentine's Day's thunder.  Take that, Cupid. :)

Celebrating early also freed us up to invite some college friends over for dessert and "I Love Lucy" episodes on Valentine's Night.  No joke, more guys showed up than girls.

Must have been the chocolate cake.  And yes, those are our wedding napkins.  How many of you out there are still trying to get rid of those things?

One more quick sidenote: thank you for bearing with me I while I have way too much fun applying all sorts of funny filters to my pictures.  Instead of flowers, Mike got me my first iPhone for Valentine's!!  I'm currently in iPhone app wonderland and loving it!

Finally, to complete our Valentine's Day news, Nana sent us a little tutu so we could get our twirl on.  I think all our practicing has paid off.  Check it out!

So there's our report.  Lots of love going on in this house the past few days.  And as I've celebrated all my various relationships-- Mike, Bella, extended family, and various friends-- I keep coming back to how grateful I am for the love I've been given in Christ.  He basically makes these holidays possible for fallen people like me.  

What great reason He has given us to love!


  1. Diane! I love your blog! You type just like you talk and so I can almost hear your voice when I read! :) Feel like I am sitting down over coffee with you and we are catching up. Love it! Thanks so much for the little link back to Fleurish Events.. :) you are so kind. Love you friend!

    1. Thanks, sweet Carrie. Someday we'll get that cup of coffee together!

  2. I've always loved Valentine's and kiddos only make it better! I bet after that video your mom thought that skirt was worth every penny! so cute!