Wednesday, March 7

My Little Bookworm

Hey Bella!  What are you doing hiding over there?

Oh, just reading.  All by myself.

Oh. Well then, how about playing with your friend who came all the way over here to see you?
Um, no thanks. I think I'll just climb up in this chair where I can't be bothered and read this good book.

Okay... well then, why don't we put on this tutu and practice our dance moves? 
Um, no thanks. I'll just sit right here and read.

While some parents might worry about such behavior, I think these first signs of a potential bookworm is a dream come true.  I love imagining this little girl curled up next a window completely lost in a classic girl's novel. 

So, read on, little Bella.  There are bigger and better books ahead!  And while we're at it, why don't we show the world what else you've been reading lately?

That's right. Rock on, little Bella.

1 comment:

  1. i love it! have many great books to recommend when the time comes!