Tuesday, March 1

Fanny Packs and Family Outings

Lately, Mike has been begging me to go to a museum.  You see, we live amidst a host of the nation's best museums and art collections, and because of this, we're also surrounded by traffic making tour buses and slow moving tourists.  So we've grown snooty and lost the excitement of it all.  But frankly, we're the ones missing out.

So to counter our snooty attitudes, this past Saturday we packed up some water, put on our walking sneakers, skipped the fanny pack, and became DC tourists for the afternoon.  The National Portrait Gallery was our museum of choice.  We toured it for just over an hour because our life now revolves around a little someone who will remain nameless and her feeding schedule.

Bella was awestruck as Daddy explained the history behind the portraits of our nation's Presidents.  She ooo'd and ahhh'd at the Civil War and Native American artwork.  Others around us confused Bella for a piece of art.  I couldn't agree more. ;)

Actually, the whole trip brought back memories of my childhood, when family road trips consisted of our dad pointing out historical sites or God's wondrous creation.  In the back seat, my sisters and I would trade off on who would have to help Dad feel special by remarking on how interesting and unbelievable it all was while simultaneously rolling our eyes.  We were ungrateful twerps.  Bella will probably be one, too.  I deserve it.

Anyways, it's hard to say that Bella was ungrateful during our mini trip.  But perhaps a bit bored?  I don't know.  You be the judge.

The Before and the After:

P.S. I love my husband.  We are both nerds, and I am so thankful for it.


  1. come on mike, i've been three times already and i don't even live there. i can't believe bella has become so complacent already about all the culture and history surrounding her! sooo cute.

  2. I know. We're going to be fighting the "complacent bug" for the next 18 years or so.