Monday, March 14

Just Where Do You Think You're Going?

Me: Bella!  What are you doing in that suitcase?!

Bella: Oh, you know, just getting ready for my trip to Texas and Georgia.  I get to see my Nana and Papa!  And then my Aunt Amy and Uncle Brian! And then my Cousin Cole and Best Bud Kate!  And then my Grandma and Poppi!  My life rocks!

Me: Oh yes, that reminds me.  I need to get packing!  You just sit over here and be cute, okay?

Bella: No problem!

Me: And please stop distracting me with that cute face of your's!

To what is probably half of my readership, see you all soon!


  1. Very cute! Bella fits perfectly in the suitcase. Have a great trip!

  2. you don't happen to have a layover in dallas, do you?!

  3. I so wish I did! We avoid layovers now if we can. Traveling with an infant... changes your life. :)