Thursday, March 24

Bella Lovin' Her Some Camera Action

So Mike and I are back in DC after a week+ of travels to visit family in Texas during their Spring Break, attend a good family friend's wedding, and then jump over to see family in Georgia and celebrate my man's upcoming birthday.  What a whirlwind of fun!  Thankfully, we paused in the middle of it all to capture some shots of our little girl... and a few other special cousins.

So without further ado, here's Bella Mae!  She's a little over 4 months old at this point and has managed to acquire some awesome baby chub and adorable expressions.

Classic Bella Cuteness

Bella close up with some nice drool action

My personal fav...

... or maybe it was this one...

...or perhaps..., this one!
Trouble.  She's gonna be trouble, I tell ya.

Bella decided to share the camera with a few of her cousins.  She's got an awesome "stand in big brother" in Cousin Cole.
Bella and Kate hanging out with Papa, a bottle, and a glass of wine.  Life is good.

And now for the classic Kate and Bella pics!  These two girls have really taken off.  They are most definitely their own little persons.  They're completely different in look and personality.  But one thing they do have in common.  They are both precious little dolls!

The end to a most wonderful trip and some great memories!  A special thanks to Nana, Papa, The Martin Family, Poppi, Uncle Joey, and GiGi!  And Aunt MeShell... don't worry, we'll catch ya next time!


  1. Does daddy get to post a comment? I mean, do babies get any cuter?

  2. Diane! She is gorgeous! How fun her cuz is the same age.....

  3. Thanks, Summer! You have so much to look forward to!! So excited for you guys!